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What is a chimney cricket?

What is a chimney cricket?

A chimney cricket, also known as a chimney saddle. It is a specialized piece of construction designed to divert water around the base of a chimney. Typically they are used on the sloping side of a chimney where it intersects with the roof. The cricket is installed to prevent water from pooling and causing potential water damage or leaks.

In Florida, the building code requires your roofing contractor to install this cricket if the chimney is 30″ wide or greater

We most often construct the cricket from metal or wood. It is shaped like a small ridge or triangular structure that directs water away from the chimney and helps to prevent it from collecting in the vulnerable area where the chimney meets the roof. By doing so, it aids in protecting the chimney and the surrounding roof structure from water-related issues such as leaks, rot, and deterioration.

Ask us about building a chimney cricket on your next roofing system. It is especially important as it helps to ensure proper water drainage and protects the integrity of the roof and chimney.