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Pipe Flashing Leaks & Repairs

Leaks from a pipe flashing can be a persistent and concerning issue for homeowners. Often located where pipes penetrate through the roof, these flashings are designed to create a watertight seal, but over time, they can deteriorate due to weather exposure, age, or poor installation. When leaks occur, they can lead to water damage, mold…
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Plumbing pipe flashing types.

Roofing pipe flashings are used to waterproof the area around pipes or vent penetrations through the roof. There are several types of roofing pipe flashings available, each having its on pros and cons. Here are some common types: All Steel Pipe Flashing (pre finished paint) from GAF Do it right the first time or do…
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Dead Roof Valley

What is a dead roof valley? A dead valley is generally used to describe an area where a valley meets an obstruction such as a wall or chimney.  The lowest portion of the valley is generally of a lower slope as well. The trouble in this design is that rain water must make a hard…
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What is a chimney cricket?

A chimney cricket, also known as a chimney saddle. It is a specialized piece of construction designed to divert water around the base of a chimney. Typically they are used on the sloping side of a chimney where it intersects with the roof. The cricket is installed to prevent water from pooling and causing potential…
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It is important to keep debris off of your roof.

Keeping debris off your roof is important for several reasons: To keep debris off your roof, consider regular inspections, especially after storms, and clean your gutters and roof as needed. If you are not comfortable or able to do this yourself, hiring a professional roofing contractor can ensure that the job is done safely and…
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What is a wind mitigation inspection?

A wind mitigation inspection is an examination of a property’s resilience to wind damage, particularly from hurricanes or strong storms. These inspections are common in regions prone to severe wind events, such as coastal areas. The primary purpose of a wind mitigation inspection is to assess the features of a building that can help reduce…
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What does a “Lifetime Warranty” shingle really mean?

A “Lifetime Warranty” on shingles typically refers to the duration of time that the original homeowner owns the house where the shingles are installed. However, it’s important to note that the term “Lifetime Warranty” doesn’t necessarily mean the entire lifespan of the homeowner but rather a specified period, often determined by the manufacturer. The actual…
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