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What is a wind mitigation inspection?

What is a wind mitigation inspection?

A wind mitigation inspection is an examination of a property’s resilience to wind damage, particularly from hurricanes or strong storms. These inspections are common in regions prone to severe wind events, such as coastal areas. The primary purpose of a wind mitigation inspection is to assess the features of a building that can help reduce the risk of wind damage and, consequently, lower insurance premiums for the property owner.

During a wind mitigation inspection, a qualified inspector evaluates various aspects of the property, including:


  • The type and condition of the roof covering.
  • The presence of a secondary water barrier.
  • The roof deck attachment method.
  • The roof-to-wall connection strength.

Windows and Doors:

  • The type of glazing on windows (impact-resistant glass, shutters, etc.).
  • The strength of doors and windows, especially those facing the wind.

Structural Features:

  • The construction methods used for the building.
  • The presence of reinforced walls.

Opening Protections:

  • The presence of storm shutters or impact-resistant windows.

Exterior Wall Construction:

  • The type of construction materials used.

The information gathered during the wind mitigation inspection is then compiled into a report that outlines the property’s vulnerability or resistance to wind damage. Property owners can use this report to provide to their insurance companies to potentially qualify for discounts on their windstorm insurance premiums.

It’s important to note that the specific requirements and benefits of wind mitigation inspections can vary by location, and insurance companies may have different criteria for offering discounts. Property owners in hurricane-prone areas are encouraged to check with their insurance providers and local regulations to understand the specific requirements and potential cost savings associated with wind mitigation inspections.

Your new roofing system from Stubbs Roofing

All of our proposals will have the optional wind-mitigation inspection listed. The common reason the wind mitigation is completed after a roofing project is because we must already re-nail the sheathing (or ensure it meets code).